Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Faroe Islands?

The easiest way to get to the Faroe Islands is by airplane, being Copenhagen the best connecting airport. Atlantic Airways has multiple flights on a daily basis from Copenhagen, they also operate less frequently to and from Edinburg, Bergen, Billund, Paris and Reykjavik. SAS also operates directly from Copenhagen on a frequent basis all year round.

Which type of accommodation is available?

I always try and find the best available option according to your budget and time of the year. There is a few options either in Torshavn as well as around the islands, anything from 4 star rated hotels to guesthouses. Occasionally I also look into AirBnB for a small group of friends.

What kind of weather can I expect?

The Faroe Islands are located in the middle of the North Atlantic where the Gulfstream passes right above the isles. For this reason the avarage temperatures are typically between 6°-12°c for most of the year, but it can get colder during the winter months as well as slightely warmer during the summer months, expect rapid changing weather conditions all year round.

How about the fitness level?

Many locations are relatively easy to access, so moderate fitness is enough. Some more remote locations require longer walks and occasional hikes, but anyone with a godd health condition can easily reach these places as well.

What type of clothing should I bring?

It is important to be prepared for all kinds of weather. The weather can change fast in the Faroe Islands, one minute it can rain, the other it can hail & wind is common. Good protective rain gear and hiking boots are recommended.

Which form of payment do you accept?

The most common practice is via bank transfer. For the time being I do not accepte credit cards through my website or on location. Cash is of course also welcome should you prefer this.