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Thomas Vikre is a Danish-Norwegian award-winning photographer based in the Faroe Islands. He also conducts tours in Iceland, Norway and wherever else he is invited. His work consists primarily of landscape, travel, adventure and fine art photography, but he also does a substantial amount of commercial work for local Faroese companies. 


Thomas provides guided photo tours to private clients, groups, and photo tour companies visiting the Faroe Islands and beyond. He has established himself as a knowledgeable and reliable technical and logistical resource for outdoor photography, especially in the Faroe Islands.

Earlier in his professional career he was involved in the airline & tourism industry. His CV also includes experience working as a production assistant on film sets and with TV commercials. In 2013 he decided to relocate from Portugal to the Faroe Islands, a place he had visited on numerous occasions since the late 90s. 

Ever since he acquired his first Nikon camera over two decades ago, he has been passionate about the art of photography. He now combines his know-how in the hospitality and service industry with his love of photography, and his desire to share his passion with others.


His work has been licensed to local tourism entities, various business partners and to private clients. He has also participated in exhibits at various venues in the Faroe Islands, including a permanent exhibit at the Hotel Vagar.

Thomas has a deep interest in languages, and is fluent in the Scandinavian languages, as well as Spanish, English and Portuguese.

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